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Siekdama integruotis á Europos Sàjungà ir taikyti europinius standartus, Latvijos visuomenë, jos intelektualai ir ðvietëjai uþmirðta skatinti jaunø þmoniø numesti svorio su xtend barre savo tautinëms ðaknims ir savo tautos identitetui. Atsiþvelgiant á tai, ðvietimo procese bûtini pakitimai. Ypaè daug dëmesio reikia skirti ne tik á jaunø þmoniø rengimui kvalifikuotais, kompetentingais ir águdusiais visuomenës nariais, bet ir patriotinës sàmonës ugdymui, kuri leidþia jaunimui didþiuotis savo tauta, puoselëti tautos tradicijas, mylëti savo ðaknis ir jausti atsakomybæ uþ savo ðalá.

Summary The present period in Latvia shows an alarming loss of the feelings of patriotism, national pride and self-esteem in Latvian youth. Accordingly, a change - should be introduced in the process of education, sriracha riebalų nuostoliai stress on educating young people not only to become highly qualified specialists and competent, skilled professionals, but also patriots who are proud of their nationality, love their roots, cherish their nationality traditions and, above all, feel responsible for their motherland.

Latvian youth; loss of patriotism and national awareness; the responsibility of educationalists; change in the system of education. For five decades the educational system of Latvia had been subjected to ideological brainwashing and sovietization. After regaining independence, the society of Latvia has undergone radical changes which have influenced the field of education too.

In the teacher training process much attention is paid to competence, intelligence, professionalism etc. However, in my opinion, the would be teacher is not sufficiently roused into thinking about his or her role and tasks in building the contemporary society of Latvia.

Are we prepared to nurture and cherish them? The Aim of Research is to draw the attention numesti svorio su xtend barre Latvian numesti svorio su xtend barre to the necessity of 7 making a concentrated effort to improve the situation in the field of national upbringing in Latvia.

Numesti svorio su xtend barre Object of Research is to analyse the status of patriotism, national self-esteem and selfconfidence of Latvian youth in numesti svorio su xtend barre period after the collapse of Soviet domination, and to pose the problem of patriotic upbringing.

Methods of Research - a theoretical: analysis of literary works and articles in periodicals; b empirical: discussions; observations. Personally, I find that the present state of affairs is characteristic with a singular lack of patriotism which, obviously, can be explained by the difficult economic and cultural situation in this country.

But what is it? Surely, not inactivity and cowardice that lead any nation to its extinction. Mâra Zâlîte, a Latvian poet, has expressed an numesti svorio su xtend barre that one should not look for an enemy outside Latvia; its main enemy is avarice, greed, depravity and corruption of its people.

The state leaders do not call on the people numesti svorio su xtend barre be patriotic, do not proclaim the idea that the highest aim we should aspire to in everything we do is the well - being of Latvia.

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There are incessant calls for gaining access to Europe, but nobody mentions the simple fact that our worth is in being what we are, in our national pride, in our originality, and that this might interest Europe, and the whole numesti svorio su xtend barre, more than anything else.

The film director finds the cause of this national self-esteem deficiency in the deeply rooted spiritual orientation towards evil, implanted in us by Bolshevism. This seems too shocking to neglect it. The problems of the youth identity MF identite, i. I am born. As a result of our birth we belong to this or that nation. The human identity is said to express itself in the first scream of a newborn baby. The sameness of the mentality of a nation has been moulded in the process of living together in the same natural environment for thousands of years.

However, national feelings, national pride are the products of education. On the whole, the psyche of a nation does not differ from the psyche of its individual members. The problem lies in the formation of the set of views, opinions, the world outlook.

Every nation has a history of its own and, accordingly, its individuals should feel this history as something that belongs to them, on which they take their own stand and feel responsible for. One of the problems in the field of education in Latvia today is the vėžlys svorio netekimas of patriotic upbringing. We have to see to it that our graduates do not turn into the citizens of Europe or of the world.

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First and foremost we need new citizens of Latvia, its patriots. Latvia will be able to stand the international competition 8 not by an educational system numesti svorio su xtend barre is similar to, or even imitates the educational experience of other countries, but by maintaining and developing its own features, peculiarities.

This is expressed in K.

numesti svorio su xtend barre

For many decades there has been a uniform, soulless sovietization of Latvians, with an aim of Russification in view. The song reminds us that our Latvian identity may not have been and, perhaps, is not very strongly pronounced. The period of the first independent state of was too short to instill the feelings of national awareness.

To save and strengthen Latvia as a free state and to realize the decisive role of education, the duty of every pedagogue is to find a way through his or her subject to the hearts of the young people and to foster in them national pride, morality and self-confidence.

The waves of the first, the second and numesti svorio su xtend barre third awakening of Latvia will not suffice to make the idea of its national traditions, its history, its reputation and, above all, its independence, immortal. There must be constant, persevering work at it. National feelings are not inherent; they must be numesti svorio su xtend barre.

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The spiritual life of Latvians manifests itself in Latvian dainas which have numesti svorio su xtend barre an outstanding role in the survival of the Latvian nation. The Latvians have withstood riebalų degintojas geriausias laikas vartoti centuries of slavery and foreign rule because they were spiritually supported by their folk songs.

But there is no other nation in Europe whose songs are spiritually deeper and purer and more noble-minded, or musically more melodious than Latvian folk songs.

Can everything be all right in the present state of affairs if in his reviews the musicologist Imants Zemzaris keeps complaining about the absence of national opus in the concerts of Latvia?

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I would like to make a 9 special mention of a programme where Latvian children sang Christmas songs only in English and German. When asked about the Latvian traditions of Christmas they will, perhaps, only shrug their shoulders, smirk and try to change the subject.

Every human belongs to his people. In a humane, democratic society all people should have a right to expect the necessary prerequisites, including education for the formation of their national identity.

All teachers should give a thought to this task. At present, in Latvian schools pupils are given too much of factual material, whereas in the years of the first independent state of Latvia more attention was devoted to the development of the intellectual and spiritual make-up of an individual Besides, an important part in this process was allotted to the inhancement of patriotism, love for work, honesty and understanding of other values. People look back to their past to find moral strength, faith and also answers to the problems of the present and the future.

We have to propagate our numesti svorio su xtend barre not only to foreigners, but also to our numesti svorio su xtend barre people, youth, children to make them understand that it is not only the ethnographical code of ancient Latvians; it is a hand book for a wholesome spiritual life.

The 20 th century is on its way out. He is devoid of any expression of individuality and feelings of national belonging. He is utterly simplified, mass conformist, socially tamed and well-programmed masoor dal svorio metimas optimism. He feels disturbed by nobody and is expected nowhere; he is fit for everything and easily replaceable.

He can adapt himself to every place but takes root nowhere. He is a transit man who has been everywhere but has not been able to be anywhere in particular. With what concept of values shall we meet the next millenium?

ugdymo kaita ir šiuolaikinės pedagoginės technologijos

The pedagogue Suhomlinskiy pointed out the fact that neither a method, nor a programme or a teaching aid can educate an individual but only a teacher with a strong personality. The national consciousness of a Latvian began in the period of the first awakening in the middle of the 19 th century and is closely connected with the name of Atis Kronvalds He considered that one of the most beneficial professions is that of a teacher, since the teacher not only imparts knowledge but also educates the whole nation.

Is it not topical to this day? First and foremost, it is the teacher himself who must undergo changes; the same teacher who, intimidated and obedient in the soviet times, often finds himself in a rut, using the same dated methods. The new generation is the product of the old one.

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Undoubtedly, the above said cannot be attributed to all teachers. Most pedagogues are great enthusiasts of their work. Among them there are real 10 patriots in the true sense of the word. One can admire the endeavours of the exiled Latvians to keep up their Latvian identity, patriotism and love of everything Latvian.

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It is phenomenal that some of the young people born in exile have expressed their wish to return to Latvia and do something important for the well - being of this country. Here we can see the results of purposeful upbringing in families, Latvian Sunday schools and summer camps.

Iš "Cancan" šokių iki "bare" be rankos, mūsų sąraše yra 10 naujų idėjų fitneso fanatizams. Klasės paprastai trunka iki pusantros valandos ir apima šokius ir pritūpimus, kuriuos jūs paliksite su šypsena ir, pasak kūrėjų, "betono" derrière. Norėdami sužinoti, kur galite dalyvauti Paryžiuje, spustelėkite čia.

It is of utmost importance to build the foundations of national culture. As every human being has numesti svorio su xtend barre right to his individuality, so has every nation.

And if we recognize the individuality of the Latvian people as its greatest value, it stands to reason to consider that, since we have inherited this value, it is our duty to do everything to protect and save it and hand it down to the next generation.

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The 21st century should witness a young person who apart from his university degree will also have a firm conviction and a passionate love for his mother land.

This conviction should be kept alive in the thoughts and aspirations of our society. The Results of Research: A statement of the fact that there is a marked deficiency of patriotic feelings, national pride numesti svorio su xtend barre self-confidence in Latvian youth. Conclusions: The problem of educating the young people of Latvia in the spirit of patriotism, national pride, and self-confidence must not be ignored.

Every member of society, but above all, intellectuals in general and educationalists in particular, should be responsible for the growth and development of these indispensable features in the moral make-up of Latvian youth. This is essential for the survival of the nation.

numesti svorio su xtend barre

Bibliography 1. Dâle P. Verojumi un pârdomas. Dârzins E. Cela jûtîs. Kronvalds A. Lâce A. Vilcins R. Zemzaris I. Darbas gautas 04 12, spaudai áteiktas 06 09

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